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Dakasi originated from Taiwan in the 90`s. Today, Dakasi have stores established in Southeast Asia particularly in Taipei, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Indonesia, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Cambodia. Introduction of Dakasi, a pearl milk tea beverage chain with over 1000 shops spread over Asia. At Dakasi, you will experience the highest quality milk tea, smoothie and specialty beverages originating from Taiwan.

Walking into Dakasi store is sure to bring a smile to your face. Done up in bright white and yellow, with a smiling star as its logo, Dakasi seems to call adults and young to the world of drinks. Dakasi staffs are so friendly, happy to help as the cheerful ambiance, the store was very clean and efficiently, and the teas were served in record time.

The bestsellers menu is Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea, and the pearls are smaller, softer, and sweeter. Dakasi has potential in attracting a lot of milk tea lovers. With lots of selection at Dakasi, Dakasi offers drinks in hot and cold form. For the cold drinks, we have specialty drinks, special milk tea, matcha tea, iced tea, slush drinks, fresh tea, fruit yogurt drinks, latte tea, smoothies and Yakult + tea, and Dakasi also allows you to specify your sugar levels, and you can also pick from eight add-ons: grass jelly, pearl, coconut jelly, oreo , konjak, aloe, milk pudding and red bean. Now Dakasi has branches in Cambodia at Central Market, Aeon Mall, Russian Market, and Zaman international school.