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Shabu Shabu is a Japanese cooking style where diners cook thin slices of meat quickly in boiling broth in a large pot and dip them in a sauce. To introduce this Japanese traditional food to the world, Dining Innovation Group, a Japanese company created “SHABURI” concept in 2014:

The “Personalized”, All-You-Can-Eat Shabu Shabu.

While Shabu Shabu is a shared food by tradition, diners at Shaburi each get their own little hot pot and have a choice of their own preferred soup. There are 5 kinds of soup created by our Japanese executive chef. In this way, they may enjoy it on a very personal level as every single person has their individual preference of taste and how to cook their meats and vegetables.

Our finest quality meats are selected by a specialist and freshly sliced at the restaurant every day. In addition to the quality meat and soup served at your table, a tempting array of Japanese side dishes, such as sushi rolls, tempura and chawanmushi, fresh vegetables, kept in tip-top condition with a mist machine imported from Japan, is available at the buffet counter. Not to forget, our buffet courses include soft drinks and soft-serve ice cream for dessert to complete your meal with satisfaction.